NTDF 2018 Speakers

Meet our speakers

Jani Kuronen

CTO at Anima Vitae Point Sdn Bhd, NTDF Advisory Board

Philippe Craussous

Technical Team Lead at Ubisoft Montreal

Simon Rainerson

Technical Director at Goodbye Kansas

Juri Bryan

Head of FX at Important Looking Pirates VFX

Marco Rolandi

Environment supervisor at MPC

Tran Ma

Producer/ Production Designer at half M.T Studios

Irene Sparre Hjorthøj

CEO of Sparre Production ApS, Head of Development and Chair Woman of NTDF

Joakim Olsson

CG Supervisor at Goodbye Kansas

John Carey

Senior Production and Technology Executive, NTDF Advisory Board and Moderator

Francois Lord

Head of Pipeline at RodeoFX

Erik Johansson

Head of Pipeline / Development at Goodbye Kansas Studios, NTDF Advisory Board

Aimei Kutt

Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios

Miguel Ortega

Director at half M.T Studios

Jimmi Gravesen

Head of Technology at Wil Film, NTDF Advisory Board

Shriram Iyer

Senior Software Engineer at Pixar Animation