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What we have done up until now

NTDF 2013

NTDF 2013 was the year where we inbtroduced The Producer’s Forum. We also had Master Classes about Open Color IO. A continatioin from...
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NTDF 2012

This year’s speciality was the hands-on master classes about Houdini and Color IO beside the main conference. Reykjavik was fantastic and we enjoyed...
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NTDF 2011

We looked forward to welcoming speakers from renowned international studios such as DreamWorks and Sony Imageworks as well as strong Nordic players like ...
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NTDF 2010

An in depth seminar on stereoscopic features and how to achieve it. This special seminar took place the middle of summer instead of...
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NTDF 2009

We were looking forward to welcoming speakers from renowned companies such as Pixar, Image Engine, Anima Vitae, Storm Studios, Filmkameratene and others. Covering titles and...
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NTDF 2008

We had speaks on pre-selected topics from different renowned companies such as Pixar, Disney, Framestore, MPC, Anima Vitae etc. There was be open workshops on...
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