About NTDF

Our Mission

Film making is constantly challenged creatively as well as technically. We need on-going research & development in order to deliver the best results. Networking, collaboration, and sharing ideas and experiences are essential.

Our Motivation

The vision is to create an opportunity for Technical Directors and high end CG artists to meet face to face, exchange know-how, discuss problems, evaluate possible solutions and optimize ways of working. In short… to learn from each others’ experiences.

Our Aim

We finance across borders, we produce across borders, we work across borders… we even distribute across borders. Now it is time to plan and prepare pipelines across borders!


Story About US

The Nordic TD Forum will open up unique network opportunities for TDs and CG artists and studios throughout the Nordic region. It will be the optimal place to introduce new talent, pitch projects and discuss problems. It will gather the top talents within the Nordic CG industry and reveal valuable insight knowledge of workflows.

Advisory Board

Irene Sparre Hjorthøj

CEO of Sparre Production ApS, Head of Development and Chair Woman of NTDF

John Carey

Senior Production and Technology Executive, NTDF Advisory Board and Moderator

Jani Kuronen

CTO at Anima Vitae Point Sdn Bhd, NTDF Advisory Board

Jimmi Gravesen

Head of Technology at Wil Film, NTDF Advisory Board

Erik Johansson

Head of Pipeline / Development at Goodbye Kansas Studios, NTDF Advisory Board

Colin Doncaster

Head of R&D at Peregrine Labs, NTDF Advisory Board

Antti Haikala

Head of Animation and Partner at Anima-Vitae Ltd, NTDF Advisory Board

I had a wonderful time participating in NTDF 2011, and wouldn’t hesitate to come back in the future. I was very impressed with the high-level of participation from all of the attendees, and the enthusiasm everyone brought to the conference. The unique setting of the NDTF (being in an isolated location for a ‘retreat weekend’) was a unique experience that I consider to be a huge success towards building a tight-knit graphics community. I would suggest that other regions (even larger ones) could stand to benefit from emulating this approach!

Jeremey Selan, Sony Imageworks, US

Over the past decade I have attended numerous international
conferences and workshops in this field, and yet I was completely
surprised and blown away by the unique and exhilarating experience it
was attending NTDF for the first time. I have never experienced such a
collegial, enthusiastic and unpretentious gathering of experts in any
field! I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea the VFX industry in the
Nordic countries was so well established and professional. It was a
true honor for me to speak at NTDF ’11, and I hope to get another
change to develop synergy between the Nordic studios and DreamWorks

Ken Museth, R&D FX Supervisor & Principle Engineer DreamWorks Animation

I had to leave before the end and did not have a chance to say proper thank you…
Here are my thoughts about the NTDF 2009:
Extremely well done! I was pleased to see and feel the passion of our Nordic 3D & VFX industry. I was personally very pleased to hear in many instances calls for closer co-operation. There are great opportunities in Europe, in USA, and definitely in the East (where we have been looking). We should all strengthen our own local co-operation but also make serious effort to launch Nordic wide ideas for advanced collaboration.

Tomi Nieminen, CEO, Generator Post Oy

The TD forum was really great. I am totally inspired as to how I can continue working with my own movie, and I am thrilled and encouraged to hear other people in the Nordic region are dealing with similar situations and problems, and are not afraid to share. It would be great at some point to have a discussion forum site added to the website for us to continue talking.

Esben Toft Jacobsen, Director, Copenhagen-Bombay, DK

…in my opinion it is really important that we in the Nordic area get similar/compatible pipelines, because we need and we want to work together. So let’s courage people to use same tools.

Jani Kuronen, Supervising Technical Director, Anima Vitae, Finland

Thanks to Irene’s tireless efforts, we have two solid successes upon which to build. I think that we may want to rethink the structure a bit… perhaps what we need is a “lab” where there can be maybe a half a dozen computers with the appropriate software where these techniques like the use of Cortex can be taught in hands on way. I think that will involve splitting the conference into two tracks, one more oriented towards production management.
It is an exciting time in the history of the NTDF. Let’s put some thought into trying to find the right balance for year three

John Carey, Exec. TD, ex. Disney, US (moderator)

More info coming soon

We are currently ironing out our program and our speakers for NTDF 2018 and we are very much looking forward to share it with you. Stay tuned!